Bike Repair Tool Kit


Product Description

Easy to carry and convenient to use, can help you fix most problems of your bike. Must-have regular maintenance and emergency repair tool for bicycle enthusiasts. 

Comes with a durable compact iron bag to hold all of the tools your bike will need: 
Multi Function: Allen Keys: 2/3/4/5/ 6mm, Slotted Screwdriver, Phillips Screwdriver 
1* Allen Wrench 
Tire repair Help: 2* Metal Pry Bars Rods ,1*Metal Rasp 
Patch Kit: 
3* patch without glue 
1* glue, 3* cold patch(diameter 25mm, round), 3* cold patch(diameter 34mm, round), 3* cold patch(diameter 32*50mm, oval) 

Packing Weight£º10.12oz 

Packing Size£º4.3*3.5*1.2inches

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