750ml Collapsible Water Bottle


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Product Description

Are you worried about no suitable outdoor water bottle?
Don't worry, fast select G4Free Water Bottle!
26 Ounce big capacity and light weight so you can easy travel and do not worry about the water troubles,perfect alternative to the traditional bulky water bottles! Whether mountain climbing or hiking, any environment guaranteed to never shatter and leak. 

Product Specifications

Material: Medical grade BPA-free silica gel
Size (inflated): 75 × 75 × 250 mm
Capacity: 750 ml
Weight: 155 g
Durable Temperature:-40℃ - 100℃ 
Color: Blue, Orange, Pink, Gray

Product Highlights:

-Large capacity of 750mL / 26 fl oz
-Absolutely safe with medical grade BPA-free silica gel which is approved by FDA in U.S.
-Durable temperatures from -40°C to 100°C, product can be used in any environment
-Non-toxic and odorless
-Can be collapsed to 1/3 of its original size
-Innovative air valve allows air to fill up the bottle to make it stand straightly, which is convenient to store or use on the go.
-One-button switch opens the cap easily; cap will be locked firmly when closed.
-Metal lock ring prevents the bottle from being opened accidentally.
-Wide-mouthed design allows you to clean up the interior and add water or ice easily.
-Multifunctional binding rope makes it convenient to carry; can also be used to secure the collapsed bottle
-Easy to wash, dish washer safe
-Leak proof and crash proof 

NOTE: for the best water bottle experience, clean thoroughly before first use by hand with warm soapy water or through top rack of a dishwasher. For optimal taste, use filtered water. 

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