1 Pair Compression Ankle Brace



Product Description

Product Description

Durable, light weight and comfortable, gives you just the right level of support, keeps your sore ankle secure and warm so YOU can feel better and more secure, gives you added comfort, takes the pain away and helps you move around easily.
Has a cooling effect, doesn't cause skin rush, easy to put on, fits well, feels great all day without any sweating.
It doesn't roll, slide or slip down.
The elastic is very strong and it reshapes perfectly after each removal.
It has a healing capability for your body (perfect after surgery).
You will notice a remarkable difference, the pain will decrease, your ankle will feel better and it will help you playing sports with no pain.

Product Detail: 
Material: 75% Chloroprene + 25% 
Size: M / L Size 
Weight£º30g Single 
Color: Black 
Thickness:0.11 inch 
Packing Size£º0.79*0.55*0.14inch 

Size Guide: 
Important! Please measure the thickest part of your calf (circumference) to determine the proper size compression sleeve for you. 

Ankle Size Measurements: 
Medium: 14.9 -- 16.5 inch £¨Foot Length£© 
Large: 16.5--17.3 inch £¨Foot Length£© 

Package Including: 
1 Pair Ankle Compression (Right & Left)

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