Half Finger Cycling Gloves for man women


Product Description

Why cyclists need to wear gloves? 
Because the thick pad on the gloves also can absorb the shock and reduce numbness in the hand.
In addition, the gloves can be used to wipe the sweat and even protect riders from falling and sun tan(for female). All in all, buying a good pair of gloves not only can improve riding comfort, but also can increase the overall sense of clothing.

Hand Back Material: Smooth Nylon Stretch Fiber
Hand Plam Material: Ultra Filament Leather
Thicker Non-Slip Gel Pad: shock-proof and protect hands from callus.
Quick removal loops
Lightweight and Durable

Please attention: the size is measured by circumference.
M: 6.3"-7.5" 16-19cm 
L: 7.5"-8.3" 19-21cm 
XL: 8.3"-9.1" 21-23cm 

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